Top 5 Car Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial

While the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battled on the gridiron and Katy Perry debuted a new kids show (or tuna awareness program) the automakers were jockeying for position on the airwaves.

Here is a recap of the most memorable auto commercials of Super Bowl XLIX:

#1 Nissan’s “With Dad”

Happy Chapin’s 1974 hit, Cat’s in the Cradle, plays as a father seeks to maintain a relationship with his son, despite being away.  Although Chapin’s lyrics paint a bittersweet ending, the Nissan one lands on a brighter note – and with a 2016 Maxima.

I am not married nor do I have children but this commercial put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.  As I often travel for my work in the automotive industry now, I can only imagine the joy of having a wife and children waiting at home.  The photo taped to the dash is a nice touch.

Nissan’s #WITHDAD is a charitable arm of the automaker that pledged $500,000 donations to Habitat for Humanity and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Some irony: Harry Chapin suffered a fatal heart attack while driving in New York and was hit by a semi-truck.

#2 Fiat 500X: “Blue Pill”

I sat with my buddies, laughing at this one right off the bat!  We all wondered where it was going and who (or what) was finally going to end up with that blue pill.

Well, now we know …that’s how Fiat does it!


#3 – Kia Sorento: “Perfect Getaway”

Action screen hero Pierce Brosnan is baffled but the Sorento’s ability on the slopes is unrestrained.  I am curious to one thing, however:  at the end of the commercial, there is only one vehicle up there?  How did the woman get to the cabin?


#4 – Mercedes-Benz: “Fable”

There’s a group selfie ten seconds in.  I’m sold.  This contemporary take on the Aesop Fable shows the hare still foolishly wasting his talent for speed and being a jack apple to everybody around him.  The hare, however, stumbles into an AMG factory (not in Aesop’s story) and takes it to the furry fruit cake.

The Mercedes AMG GT is billed as “The World’s Next Great Sports Car” and it sure sounds like it too.  Hear the many vocal ranges it can hit here.


#5 – Chevrolet: “Focus Group”

From the statistics (and the bearded dudes were obviously the most truthful group) we know truck guys are:

85 percent more handsome
76 percent more resourceful
100 percent more likely to have an awesome pet

I just purchased a car for the first time in 14 years last month.  I no longer have a truck…

What was I THINKING???

And I am clean shaven now…figures!

What was your favorite Super Bowl XLIX commercial?

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