Aluminum Body Ford F-150 Already Seeing Action?

Ford might be crazier than that date you took out for Chinese food recently.  The one insisting she move in and the two of you get a poodle named Fluffy because that would be “like super cute.”  After hearing all about her best friend Tiffany’s plastic surgery mishap and the ex-boyfriend’s raging alcohol problem, you head home and take refuge in automobiles.

You watch videos of drag races, performance specs and test runs because it numbs the pain (and rage) as she blows up your phone with endless texts wondering why you left and if you love her. Then you remember as you walked home after getting rid of wacko date, you saw a guy driving an F-150 who seemed to have a normal, nice girl in the front seat.

The truck MUST be the answer.

So you type “Ford F-150″ into the search bar and see this . . .

Has Ford been flying partly under the radar with regard to the new aluminum body for the 2015 F-150?  Looks like they have been testing the aluminum construction in some pretty rough conditions all along.  I will echo the thoughts of the F-150 Forum and agree it’s pretty sneaky on their part but when you are Ford, you can get away with stuff like this!

Here is the full story.

Carl Anthony

Carl Anthony

Growing up, Carl was a car and truck enthusiast and often wrote auto themed articles for his high school paper. His stay at Sioux Falls Ford as a Master Certified Sales Consultant would lead sister dealership Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls (Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Sprinter) to recruit him when they re-branded. Carl would later assume a critical management role for the organization and mentor many employees under his direction. At the same time, his voice was heard across South Dakota on radio station KELO-FM and his writings were featured monthly in 605 Magazine, The Motor Market and The Sioux Falls Business Journal. The career combinations earned him accolades as one of the most influential young figures in the state. Carl now lives in Detroit and contracts as a Project Manager and Program Advisor for Badillo Engineering. He regularly consults with other figures in the auto industry, sharing insights, lessons and stories. Carl is a member of Detroit Working Writers and co-founder of Farmhouse Fitness along with his wife Cassandra. They have two cats and share a mutual love for Fords.

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