Can You Really Afford a New BMW?


We live in a world that can be outright unfair on occasions. Why is it only some of us who can experience the pure splendours found in the finger things in life? Despite our hard work and best efforts, we are brought to grief by the fact the fanciest homes, nicest vacation spots, latest technology and, most importantly, premium cars are out of our reach. It’s really a shame the thrill of driving an Aston Martin V12 Vantage, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray or Audi R8 is not more accessible.

While there is something to be said for the idea that the restrictive obtainability of some vehicles helps to maintain the prestige of a special make, it may also be possible some of us may not realize is the some cars are not entirely inaccessible. With German luxury car manufacturer BMW, the keys of a coupe, sedan, convertible or crossover could be close thanks to financing. For buyers, the path to purchasing a new vehicle incorporating the latest-generation of iDrive or TwinPower engine technology is made convenient through BMW Financial Services.

With a set of flexible car finance packages from BMW, brand new cars like the 2 Series, 4 Series or perhaps even the electrified BMW i3 can be a matter of a monthly payment away. With approved credit, it is possible that no down payment would have to be made under BMW Financial Services. Similar financing plans are also being extended to the all-new BMW i car line. As an example of the deals available through BMW Financial Services for the end of April, a 2014 328i xDrive Sedan is presented with a 3.19 APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on a 36-month schedule. As sweetener, a $2,000 Option Allowance allows customers to equipment their newly-financed vehicle with extras such as M Sport Brakes, moon roof, Active Cruise Control or the Driver Assistance Plus package. Under a financing agreement with BMW Financial Services, a vehicle can be sold or traded at any time.

Greater tools are also provided to customers of BMW products seeking a finance term. For American residents, BMW has teamed up with credit card company Visa providing an additional boost to ownership of the newest Bavarian vehicles. The BMW Card allows holders to accumulate points that can be used towards the lease or financing of a vehicle. An added benefit through the BMW Card is a 20 percent discount for drivers pursuing an experience at the BMW Performance Driving School.

The prospect of financing a new BMW would provide at least a few brand admirers with the realistic chance of affording a favourite vehicle.

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  1. NancyLong says:

    Yes, you can take advantage of the company’s fantastic BMW finance package. It allows you to spread the cost of the car over a set number of months, it’s an option chosen by many today. You can very often afford a model on a monthly basis.

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