Reasons to Consider a New Car for 2014

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How many times so far this holiday season have you watched a car advertisement on television promoting a 2013 or 2014 model year vehicle as a present? Unless you have an over-performing stock portfolio or an international singing career, there is a fat chance we will be able to exchange automobiles. However, maybe your mind is full of wishful images of the latest Jaguar F-Type or Chevrolet Corvette Stingray under a Christmas tree as you think about a brand-new vehicle.

Preparing for a new year, it is actually a good time to make a resolution of buying a new car. Unlike many resolutions that we loathe the idea of even following, a new car brings a stimulatingly refreshing prospect of exploration and accepting new fashion.

Thrilling New Designs

The Toyota Corolla, BMW X1, Kia Forte, Chevrolet Impala and the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class are just a few massively refreshed vehicles providing a new accent for our driveways or garages. 2014 contains one of the most colourful groups of vehicles found on the road. There is bound to be one that reaches you on a personal level.

Along with engaging in the newest automotive fashions, a new car is also fitted with the trendiest of technology. Breakthrough manufacturing techniques have allowed car companies to complete even more elaborate designs for mass production vehicles. Polymers, aluminum and even steel are being formed in ways never seen before at a cost-effective price. The interior of new cars are also the recipients of modern advancements. Over a decade ago, air conditioning was largely an option and cassette players were considered high-tech stereo equipment. For 2014, you can buy new cars with standard touchscreen infotainment monitors on Scion products and LED headlights are growing in popularity.

Better than Ever Research Resources

When shopping for a new car in this day in age, the Internet is highly influential towards research., and is a few of the sites providing potential car buyers with a rich compilation of information for making an informed decision on what vehicles you would want.

Some of the most valuable tools found on these on-line websites could be the estimated vehicle price. One of the most compelling tools for new car buyers is found on Rather than stating average prices, TrueCar employs a graph indicating what other buyers had paid for a particular car.

Greater Efficiency

While the cost of a new vehicle can be hefty, the latest cars, truck and crossover vehicle abide by some of the most stringent standards of efficiency ever created. For 2014, we are talking about clean diesel technology and a multitude of hybrid powertrain setups propelling our cars longer distances. In the case of gasoline-engined vehicles, turbochargers have reached their pinnacle as automakers squeeze more power from a smaller displacement engine.

More Vehicle Personalization Options

There is plenty of choice in the new car marketplace. Compact cars, compact crossovers, sport utility vehicles, sport activity vehicles, pick-up trucks; automakers have worked tirelessly to make sure even a small niche is supplied with an ideal vehicle. Finding a car that is right for you, automotive accessories have also been a hot growing sector. From what was evident at the past SEMA Show, automakers realize how customization options can enhance pride of ownership. Not limited to fans of sport compact cars wanting to coax every spare horsepower from their vehicle’s small four-cylinder engine, vehicle add-ons can accent the look or abilities of any vehicle.

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