SEMA 2013: Ford Transit Connect Reveals Multiple Personalities



When attempting to look hip, it is sad to say the Ford Transit Connect van never exists as a prospective vehicle. Sure, the European-sourced small van is accomplished as an urban commercial hauler but the small, high-roofed Transit Connect is often a workhorse in a prized thoroughbred competition. The 2014 model year redesign is a good step into making the Ford Transit Connect a more fashionable vehicle. Resigning itself from being the Ford “it” product that is the Mustang or F-150, the 2013 SEMA Show is giving the Transit Connect a chance to take a vacation from everyday work duties.

Ten variations of the 2014 Ford Transit Connect van was part of “Vandermonium”. Nine brand new Transit Connects were outfitted by custom builders capturing a unique attitude with each design.


Transit Connect by LGE*CTS Motorsports



Treating the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon like a European sports wagon, LGE*CTS Motorsports has created a sophisticated touring vehicle. The Transit Connect by LGE*CTS Motorsports design features improved performance, stylish wheels and special technology enhancements. Last year, LGE*CTS Motorsports built a Tanner Foust edition Ford Focus.


Transit Connect by Strange Motion




When the weekend calls, the Transit Connect by Strange Motion concept would take six people to a local bike trail in custom style. Designed to complement the Strange Motion/Kicker BMX team, the lowered Ford Transit Connect Wagon wears a special paint scheme and a full roof rack for mounting a bicycle as well as a cargo carrier.


Transit Connect by Impulse Marketing




An eye-catching machine ideal for attracting eyeballs to businesses, the Transit Connect by Impulse Marketing vehicle wears a striking two-tone color scheme. Meant to play tribute to classic ice cream trucks, Impulse Marketing created a rich moving billboard for baking goods business SunnySide Kitchen.


Transit Connect by

Transit Connect by


Realizing the Connect in the Transit Connect name, made the van into a customized mobile hotspot. The 2014 Ford Transit Connect is created as stylish as well as practical. The vehicle is outfitted to be a mobile command centre for using the mobile app and will serve in that function through 2014.


Transit Connect by Mobsteel

Transit Connect by Mobsteel


Conceptualizing a hot rod delivery, the Ford loyal Mobsteel created a ground-hugging version of the 2014 Transit Connect making almost any 1949 Ford custom coupe jealous. Custom Detroit Steel yellow wheels roll partly obscured by the van’s expanded wheel wells. The interior of the Transit Connect by Mobsteel features a wood-grain floor.


Transit Connect by Blood & Grease



With so much devoted to fashion in SEMA show, it only makes sense that one of the nine custom Ford Transit Connects created for SEMA 2013 was modified by a clothing business. The Aaron Vaccar Company is behind the mobile T-shirt business called the Transit Connect by Blood & Grease. The Transit Connect by Blood & Grease incorporates T-shirt racks mounted to the rear cargo doors and a display area to create a boutique on wheels.


Transit Connect by CGS Motorsports



Building a Ford Transit Connect designed to work weekends, CGS Motorsports is specially equipped for nights at the drag strip. A host of Lincoln Electric welding products and a VIAIR air compressor within a Ford Transit Connect work area with steel cabinet.


Transit Connect by Pentech



A gamer paradise mixed with a stylish exterior, Pentech Automotive’s version of the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon describes itself as, “Connecting our youth with our industry”. The Transit Connect by Pentech provides room for three drivers. While the van is still driven from the conventional driver’s seat, two electronic driving simulators in the back provide access to a virtual road.


Transit Connect by K-Daddyz Kustomz



K-Daddyz Kustomz has made one special Ford Transit Connect van a moving graphic center. Featuring a trendy exterior treatment on the outside, the Transit Connect by K-Daddyz Kustomz is outfitted with a custom graphics design studio inside.


Hot Wheels Transit Connect



Inside the SEMA Show, a 10th Ford Transit Connect sat wearing a blue and orange paint scheme as well as the instantly recognizable Hot Wheels logo. Promoted as “the ultimate ride that any kid- big or small – would want to drive,” the Hot Wheels themed Transit Connect features gullwing passenger doors as well as a custom interior consisting of a 55-inch television, two 18-inch computer tablets and a two-lane Hot Wheels drag strip track. The Hot Wheels Transit Connect is powered by a 1.0-liter EcoBoost powerplant. This 2014 Ford Transit Connect follows Hot Wheels’ special edition Chevrolet Camaro.

Before the 2013 SEMA Show, no one would have known that the 2014 Ford Transit Connect could be such an attention-seeker.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company, Strange Motion

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