Subaru BRZ tS – An Answer to a Question that Nobody Asked

Subaru BRZ tS

I love the Subaru BRZ; it’s a game-changer and a huge leap forward for modern sports cars.

It’s received rave reviews from automotive press and enthusiasts alike, and despite handling being consistently the one thing that everyone said didn’t need improvement, Subaru’s gone and made it better anyway.

We’ve been talking about an upcoming BRZ STI for a while now, and despite the fact that there are “STI” badges all over the new BRZ tS – it’s not a full-blown STI model. It’s the “tS by STI”. Interesting decision, but it could explain why it’s not coming to the States. More on that later.

The one thing that the BRZ (and it’s cousin, the Scion FRS) could use – more power – hasn’t been touched. But we’re still holding out hope that’s coming soon in the full-on BRZ STI.

What’s new in the BRZ tS?

Subaru BRZ tS driving

The short answer: better handling, a few more options, and exclusivity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining here. Any version of the BRZ with improved anything is good in my book.

They’ve modified quite a few suspension parts to give the BRZ tS additional “strength and nimbleness” and “agile handling pleasure,” along with Brembo brakes, new 18-inch aluminum wheels, and an STI front lip spoiler.

Inside, they’ve added a load of “tS” and “STI” badges to make sure you don’t forget what your’e driving. They’ve also thrown in a new front seat, a new steering wheel, new gauges, and alcantara accents here and there. You also get a special key cover, engine start button, and aluminum sill plate with STI badges and a carbon-look instrument panel.

GT Package

Subaru BRZ tS GT side

If you’re feeling in need of something a little more, you can also opt for the GT Package, which replaces the wheels with a special black version, the seats with Recaro sport seats, and adds a rather large dry carbon adjustable rear wing spoiler.


Subaru BRZ tS rear

Unless you’re reading this from Japan, you can’t have one. Subaru is only selling the BRZ tS in its home country, and they’re only making 500 of them total, with a max 250 of them being the GT version.

Let’s cross our fingers that Subaru is planning on doing something big for the BRZ worldwide, because we’re waiting patiently for a proper STI.

Or as one commenter on Jalopnik mentioned:

Hey Subaru what does “tS” stand for?
Subaru- Oh you wanted more power? “tough Shit”

Subaru BRZ tS Photo Gallery

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  1. Robert Cipriano

    GRR! I’ve been dreaming of being able to drive that car. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 86 or a BRZ. However, now, that STI has released the BRZ tS that is making me lean more on the BRZ! If only I am from Japan. Well, the closest I can get here in my country is a tuned 86.

    Keep the love Subaru and Toyota!

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