Spanish Police Bust Ferrari Fakers

Seized fake Ferrari

Fernando Alonso should personally b!tch slap his fellow Spaniards who are responsible for this atrocity.  We see Lambo and Ferrari kit cars built on top of MR2 and Fiero chassis often and have a chuckle.  Those are usually just made by some person looking to have fun with their fiberglass skills, and maybe to impress his less apt friends. But this is just plain ridiculous.

Spanish police located and searched two garages located in eastern Valencia, where these fraudsters were converting older ordinary coupes to look like world class supercars which were then listed for sale online as the real deal.  10 ordinary cars were seized along with 17 Ferrari fakes, some were said to be F430 and 360 models, and 2 faux Aston Martins.

Seized replica Ferraris

The Police released a statement saying, “The final appearance of the supposed deluxe vehicles in their external and internal design and even in the details of the engine simulated to perfection the look of the original models.”  Hardly to perfection I’d say!  Clearly these are imitations. One quick look at those cheap seats, a light tap on the fiberglass body, or a peek under the hood at the Toyota 4 cyl engine sitting in the front luggage bay of the “mid engine” car is sort of a dead giveaway.  That’s if the €40,000 price tag didn’t tip you off already.

Dead giveaway

“The supposed deluxe cars were advertised on two websites for about 40,000 Euros ($53,000), compared to the more than 200,000 Euros that an authentic model would cost on the legal market,” said the Police.  8 people were arrested who have been linked to the obvious copyright and false advertising crimes.  Moral of the story…buyer beware.

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  1. no-aids

    I think they look good. For 40 grand they look awesome ! Nobody was believing they were getting a Ferrari. Its same as the 80’s and 90’s body kits on Fiero and Firebird. They just did not have a proper licensing or were too good copies.

    At least they had some brain to use a Toyota. It will be twice as reliable then a Ferrari – albeit much much much slower :-)

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