Happy Mother’s Day! Here are the Four Best ‘Mom’ Car Commercials

Swagger Wagon

Ah, Mother’s Day, the second favorite day of the year for flower shops and chocolatiers.

In an attempt to sell SUVs and minivans to modern family-goers, car companies have come up with some funny and clever commercials aimed at making these vehicles slightly less boring.

Take a look at a few good commercials aimed at the modern Mother:

4. Family Friendly Vehicle – Kia Sorento

Not particularly funny, but this is one of a series of “documentary-style” ads Kia put out for the 2013 Sorento. They each go over individual features of the SUV aimed at showing mothers why it’s a smart vehicle for them and their little ones.

3. Safety Sacrifice “Ridin’ Dirty” – VW Tiguan

2. “The Motherhood” – Fiat 500L

Clever and well-done ad from Fiat that got some flak when it came out, but overall a good response. I think it’s funny.

Bonus: The Fatherhood

1. “Swagger Wagon” – Toyota Sienna

Easily my favorite Rapping Mom commercial, we posted about the Swagger Wagon when it was first released a few years ago.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Send these to your Mom and let us know what you think!

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