Contest: Who Can Make the Ugliest Lamborghini Aventador?

Ugly Lamborghini Aventador

Ugly Lamborghini Aventador

It’s not hard to make a Lamborghini look good – especially the sexy new Aventador. It actually takes some work to make one look terrible, but now we have the chance to do do that ourselves, if you have the heart.

The folks over at just updated their configurator to let us play around with the Aventador Roadster and make nearly any change we want, including adding custom colors and using various body kits that are actually available.

As you can see, I’ve already had a bit of fun with it:

Ugly Lamborghini Aventador rear

Doesn’t lime green look great on top of a bright pink interior?

The tool lets us play around with interior colors and layouts, exterior colors, body kits, wheels, brake caliper colors, and switch around to a few different viewing angles:

Ugly Lamborghini Aventador interior

Ugly Lamborghini Aventador side

So the question is, who can make the ugliest custom Lamborghini Aventador?

Have a play around with the Aventador Roadster configurator at and if you make something truly horrendous, copy the link from the address bar and share it in the comments below. Here’s the link for my lovely green-on-pink Lambo.

Show us whatchya got!

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