2013 Honda Accord Takes Top Spot in Cars.com/Newsweek/USA Today Test


Welcome back to favorable coverage Honda! It must feel good, as the Japanese automaker has thoroughly been attacked by the automotive press in the recent years (and rightfully so). The lowest point came with the 2012 Civic – even Consumer Reports couldn’t defend the lack of investment and effort that was put into into that car.

Criticism caused Honda to rush out an update just one year into the new Civic’s model cycle. The 2013 Civic includes a redesigned front grill and fascia, redesigned rear taillights, a new safety cage, and an updated interior with higher-quality materials. Apparently a lot happened between Honda’s 2012 and 2013 model years – we aren’t sure what exactly, but whatever it is we’re thankful for it. For starters, the 2013 Accord has a handsome exterior design.


As a genuinely good looking design, it’s the best Accord we’ve seen in years. Other areas of criticism, such as wind and road noise, have apparently been addressed as well. These are common issues in previous Honda vehicles. While we’ve heard good things in that regard, we will have to checkout those changes for ourselves when we review the 2013 Accord. Many have asked, is the Accord the best? Cars.com/USA Today/Motorweek says it is, after recently conducting a test where they crowned the Accord the best midsize sedan in the segment.

The “Shootout” brought together six midsize sedans that start under $26,000 and achieve 28 miles per gallon or better in combined EPA fuel economy ratings. “We’re pleased that the real-world customers have determined that Accord excels in all areas, which makes the Cars.com/USA TODAY/”MotorWeek” showdown victory for the 2013 Accord all the more meaningful,” says Michael Accavitti, vice president of marketing operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “The consistent strength of Honda products in these shootouts supports our strong position with in-market consumers.” The Accord is Honda’s fifth win in a Cars.com/USA Today/Motorweek Shootout, so we wouldn’t take it too seriously. However, the good news keeps coming in for Honda with the 2013 Accord.

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