Israeli-Chinese Partnership Qoros Uncovers GQ3 Sedan for 2013


While the North American auto market is lacking significant presence of a Chinese auto company, some manufacturers native to the Asian country have craved inroads to international exposure through Europe. SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) maintains the nearly 90-year old MG brand while Geely has controlled Swedish carmaker Volvo since 2010. Able to enjoy some success operating established automotive brands, Chinese automakers have found it more complex to launch an all-new marque.

Founded in 2007, a collaboration between Chinese auto manufacturer Chery and an industry holding organization called the Israel Corporation has resulted in the joint venture Qoros Auto Company. Actively establishing a distinct automotive brand for sale in European countries, Qoros has taken over five years to develop their first production-ready product.

A compact sedan boasting upscale attributes, the Qoros GQ3 is an ambitious effort to define China as a quality brand. Some would except a Chinese-sourced automobile sold in other countries would try to court the budget vehicle segment. In contrast, the GQ3 sedan will be an attempt to instantly establish Qoros as a quality, image-conscious make. “They are very sensitive about design and quality, are highly sophisticated users of technology, and insist on the very best safety standards.”, said Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at Qoros Volker Steinwascher. Steinwascher added to define Qoros, “As an entirely new brand, we have the advantage of being able to focus our efforts, without compromise or distraction, on meeting the demands of these customers.”




A mature looking four-door on the outside, the Qoros GQ3 sedan projects a level of refinement rides on stylish wheels ranging up to 19 inches in diameter. The design demeanour of the exterior is echoed throughout the interior of the GQ3. Featuring a dashboard arranged in what is described as a “floating” design, the Qoros compact sedan is meant to construct a cabin that conveys a spacious environment. The Qoros GQ3 interior’s centerpiece is a standard infotainment system  with an eight-inch capacitive touch screen in the center of the dash. A multi-function infotainment system allowing accessibility to entertainment and navigation with the inclusion of cloud computing capability, the touch screen system has been produced by Qoros focused on ease of use, mimicking the operations of a smartphone.

Viral video of the Brilliance BS6’s European crash testing years ago has placed much scrutiny on whether Chinese car companies can meet the generally stricter regulations of world auto markets. The Qoros GQ3 pledges to top Chinese and European crash tests as the vehicle readies for consumer release. Front, side and curtain airbags along with a carefully engineered structure are part of the GQ3 sedan’s collision-containing design.



Seeking a piece of the European auto sector, it seems a matter of time until China will have a more invested interest in the North America automotive market. For the past while, influence from Chinese has been quietly growing. A more obvious affect of Chinese influence beginning to surface in the United States is seen through electric cars. Selling their first electric cars in the state of California, Coda Automotive’s EV sedans are rebranded and reengineered Chinese Hafei Saibao compact cars designed for a zero-emissions lifestyle. Whether Qoros will ever be found on North American roads will be impacted on the European launch of the GQ3 sedan.

The Qoros GQ3 formal introduction will take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Set to be marketed in China around the second half of 2013, sales in European countries will commence soon afterwards. The GQ3 sedan is intended to be the first vehicle to a multiple car line-up into the future.

Information and photo source: Qoros Auto


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