Leaked: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The internet spoils a lot of the best-laid plans for new car launches. A few weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz released a teaser video of the redesigned 2014 E-class. This video was introduced before the Los Angeles International Auto Show, but the car didn’t show up there. With little details made available from Mercedes, we weren’t sure when to expect it.

Now, online car site GermanCarForum.com has leaked a whole group of new photos showing off the updated 2014 E-class sedan and wagon. The current E-class sported a lot more aggressive face than its predecessor. Angular shapes dominate the front end rather than flowing lines. The current E was one of the examples of an attempt by Mercedes to bring more definition to its styling.

Follow-up models such as the CLS really perfected this. That gave us high hopes for the E-class’ redesign. The E is always a car that Mercedes plays it pretty safe with, as it has found a successful formula and has a loyal base of buyers across the globe. In fact, it is one of the world’s most profitable car lines. The 2014 has now been uncovered and it looks very good – a big improvement over the current car. As the teaser video indicated, the biggest changes centered around the front end. Mercedes has had a dual-headlight design for the E-class ever since the 1997 model.

That’s a long time and with the 2014, Mercedes has moved to a single headlight. But they have cleverly used LED light pipes to create a quad graphic. It is a nice nod to the previous set-up and insures visual continuity. Even more important is the completely redesigned grille and fascia. The 2014 replaces the disjointed lines of the current car for a smoother look. We also love the new front grille, which debuts a thick new surround. Of course, the E gets some obligatory changes to the rear end, such as updated taillights. Given that this is a leak, we don’t have any details such as engines or new technology. With a full-blown leak like this though, they should be just around the corner.

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