LA: Ford Fiesta ST Pumps Out 197 Horsepower

For years enthusiasts have wanted Ford to bring over it’s European offerings. Under it’s “One Ford” global product strategy, that is finally coming to fruition. Particularly with the Fiesta, the European and United States line-ups look very similar.

Ford is putting a big emphasis on the 2014 Ford Fiesta at this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show. For 2014, the car gets a new front end design, Ford’s My Touch infotainment system, and a new three-cylinder 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine in the base model.This should return the best fuel economy of any non-hybrid car in America. While Ford is putting a big emphasis on fuel economy with the Fiesta, it also isn’t forgetting about enthusiasts either.

Ford brought a Fiesta ST to last year’s LA show with little fanfare and this year they are making it official. In case there is any doubt that it is aimed at enthusiasts, the Fiesta ST is available only with a six-speed manual transmission. Like the Focus ST, the Fiesta ST is a full performance upgrade. On the exterior, there are subtle changes, such as redesigned bumpers, new 17-inch wheels, and dual exhaust outlets out back. Like the Focus ST, it also gets an exclusive paint color called Molten Orange. The part we really care about though is under the hood, where the Fiesta ST gets a 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder.

It makes 197 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque. Nearly 200 horsepower in a car the size of the Fiesta should make for an engaging performance. The Fiesta is already well-regarded as a fun-to-drive car and ST ups the ante even further with a re-tuned steering system and a sport-tuned suspension. Ford has also developed three different modes for its stability control system. And lest you didn’t think they care about fuel economy, it returns 34 mpg on the highway too. WIth far more horsepower than the Chevrolet Sonic RS, we’re eager to see where Ford prices the Fiesta ST.

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