Never drop your car keys under your seat again (Good Deal)

Drop Stop

We’re not really one for promoting products on, but if we find a good deal on something automotive related that we’ve tried ourselves and we’re happy with it, then what the hell.

In this case, the product is called Drop Stop – it’s a neoprene wedge that slips in between your car seat and center console. I can’t count how many times I’ve dropped keys or change or other random objects in that space and have to either leave it to find months later, or painfully wedge my hand under there to try to find what I dropped.

While this thing doesn’t look particularly cool, it’s incredibly useful.

The deal, through Groupon, includes two Drop Stop wedges, a slide-free pad, and an LED credit card light. Normally the price is $28, through the Groupon deal it’s $19:

Drop Stop Car Seat-Crack Wedges

$19 for Two Drop Stop Car Seat-Crack Wedges with Slide-Free Pad and Light ($27.95 List Price). Free Shipping & Returns.


Disclaimer: We’d never promote something we don’t actually love, but if you buy this through the link above we get a small cut of the price to help support keeping this website afloat. If you’d rather not support us, feel free to use this link instead: Groupon Drop Stop deal.

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