Glow-in-the-Dark Hyundai Veloster Concept at SEMA

Hyundai Veloster JP Edition front

Hyundai Veloster JP Edition

As we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of highly tuned concept cars coming out of SEMA 2012, we begin with a little number by Hyundai. The company teamed up with John Pangilinan (a brand advertising guru or something) to create the Hyundai Veloster JP Edition Concept.

And no, it’s not really glow-in-the-dark. Sorry to disappoint.

But it looks like it could be, doesn’t it? That crazy mint green exterior was provided by paint giants BASF for this concept car, and it actually fits the car’s lines pretty well, especially with the TS Designs fender flares by design guru Jon Sibal giving the car a widebody look. Not for everybody, but I’m digging it.

Of course, glow-in-the-dark(-looking) paint and a body kit won’t make a concept car, so Hyundai’s also added plenty of goodies under the hood (so to speak.)

Hyundai Veloster JP Edition front

While the actual powertrain remain the remains untouched, they’ve added ARK Performance Exhaust, which doesn’t do much for power by itself, but helps with that tuner sound and appearance.

That’s not to say this car won’t perform – plenty of work has been done to the suspension: KW Coilovers with ARK Performance lowering springs, Whiteline sway bars, anti-lift caster kit and end links, a Brembo big brake kit, and Ray’s lightweight 19-inch wheels.

Inside, they drop in some Recaro racing seats with harnesses, a reupholstered interior (even though we don’t get to see the interior from these photos,) and of course, a kick-ass Alpine entertainment system with 3 amps and two 12-inch subwoofers.

Take a look below for more pictures of the JP Edition Veloster, and keep an eye out for more SEMA 2012 coverage.

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