Porsche Sport Turismo Concept Previews Styling Of Macan, Other Future Models

One of the most promising debuts at the Paris Motor Show was the Porsche Sport Turismo Concept. It was a concept that came entirely from left field; it wasn’t one that had leaked out in advance or been expected by most in the media. It’s no secret that Porsche is on a drive to boost global sales. With some of the juiciest profit margins in the industry, Volkswagen is keen to generate even more profit. The Macan small crossover is coming soon and will help do just that.

More model lines than that have been rumored though, such as an even smaller sedan to slot in below the Panamera. We like hearing about sports cars, such as a roadster based off the BlueSport or a 928 GT successor. With that in mind, the Sport Turismo was much welcomed. For one, it is far more stylish than the Panamera in nearly every way.

We’ve been wondering what it indicated – a new Porsche model or a preview of a new Porsche styling language to come. Motor Trend interviewed Porsche Chief Executive Officer Matthias Muller to find out. While declining to talk about production of the Concept, he did say it would influence future models. “These headlights will be the next generation of lights within Porsche, as with the rear. These three dimensional rear lights you will find with the Macan…and in the front, with the four ‘eyes’, this is also our idea for the future…across the brand” says Muller.

He also elaborated on the Macan and possible dilution of the Porsche brand: “So in terms of Macan, for example, we will give that car the highest position in that segment and everybody will accept that as a Porsche…I think we are fine with the Maccan in the B-class..,but in this moment, we are not keen to get more risk with smaller cars. We do not want to be a volume manufacturer. We want to stick with our brand and the strengths of the brand. As long as that works, Porsche will be successful.”

The rest of the article talks about a plug-in hybrid Cayenne, the 918 and the 911’s iconic status. The whole thing is worth a read – head over to Motor Trend to check it out.

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