Honda Bulks Crosstour Up For 2013, Hopes It Impacts Sales


Honda’s woes are well documented. A reason it hasn’t grown along with the rest of the industry is that its attempts to expand into new segments – such as the Honda Crosstour and Honda CR-Z, have failed. Honda had high hopes for the Crosstour when it launched as a 2010 model.

Theoretically, it should have worked out great: it was a new model debuting into one of the hottest segments in the industry. Things don’t always go according to plan though, as the Crosstour had some big flaws. First was styling – the Crosstour has been universally panned. Second was naming – Honda failed to make it a distinct model.

Third was pricing – Honda charged too much out of the gate. Since launch Honda has dropped the Accord name and tried to revive sales with a four-cylinder model, but neither has worked. They aren’t giving up though; for 2013 they are trying again with an updated model. A thinly veiled “concept” was shown off in April at the New York auto show. It shows off a more rugged look, which is part of a concerted effort.

Speaking to Wards Auto, Honda executive Vicki Poponi says the problem is the car looked too similar to the Accord. “People weren’t exactly sure what it was (because) it was a ‘tweener’……we wanted to reinforce visually for customers that it was much more capable than a sedan” says Poponi. Apparently they think the 2013 will rectify the problem. It’s true the Crosstour isn’t enough like a CUV – but the bigger problem is that it (whatever you consider it) isn’t good looking period. Other changes for 2013 include upgraded interior materials and an 8-inch screen. The Crosstour’s best year of sales was its first, with just 28,851 sold. Somehow we don’t think sales are in for a huge uptick next year.

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