Chevrolet Spark Impresses With Initial Sales Numbers

For the first time ever, Chevrolet has a competitive small car lineup that covers each category. When the 2014 Impala launches, Chevy will have an impressive car lineup from the bottom up. As far small cars though, Chevy has the Spark in the A-segment, Sonic in the B-segment and Cruze in the C-segment.

The Sonic and Cruze have done very well for themselves on the sales front – Sonic is the best-selling B-segment model and Cruze has taken that title briefly. Success for the Spark has been less sure; it is the first mini car to wear a Chevy badge. The Spark went on sale in July – with just a 4 days average time on the lot, it because the fastest-selling car on the market.

Given its city-centric nature, the Spark has had a limited rollout in just 18 markets. Sales are limited by this, along with the fact that a national advertising campaign has yet to begin due to supply constraints. That can be attributed to limited availability and initial interest though. In July, 1,460 were sold. Last month, the car sold an impressive 2,630.

General Motors estimated just 1,900 units. Now, one month doesn’t a trend make….but it is still a strong showing out of the gate, especially considering limited availability and lack of a marketing push. Some analysts pegged sales at just 500 to 1,000 units at the beginning. Perhaps gas prices are really having an impact here , along with the car’s $12,995 starting price tag. Sounds like the perfect first car or a lot of people – Chevrolet says they’re seeing a big percentage of first time car buyers. The Spark is aimed directly at millennials, with an emphasis on style and technology features like the MyLink infotainment system. So far Chicago has been the car’s biggest market, making up a third of the Spark’s sales. It’ll be interesting to see how sales fare over time.

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