2014 MINI Paceman Leaked by MINI Space Magazine

Many people ask “Really…..another MINI variant?”, but clearly BMW’s premium small car brand is doing something right. Last month, MINI USA sold 5,718 units – an 83.92% increase over last year’s figures. MINI has defied the odds with a lineup made up of remarkably similar premium small cars.

The most recent launches have been the crossover-like Countryman and small business-focused Clubvan. The latest MINI variation has just been revealed (accidentally) by the brand’s official MINI Space magazine. In the automotive industry we’re used to seeing leaks all the time, from suppliers as well as websites looking to get a leg up on the competition.

This time though, the official magazine is one doing the “leaking”, however accidental. THe story posted focused on a couple in UK, and it was a bit before its time. In it were unedited, real-world photos of the Paceman. The Paceman’s reveal was first reported by MotoringFile, who apparently was asked by MINI to take the photos down. Now that they are all over the internet though, they have been able to put them back up. It isn’t as if the Paceman was a top secret launch or anything – we’ve already seen a concept.

However, MINI wanted to wait until an official release could be pushed out. The car is due to make its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show this month. The Paceman is a handsome addition to the MINI line. It is pretty much what you’d expect; a coupe Countryman. Around back though it shakes things up with a a rakish roofline and gigantic taillights. There is also a very large MINI logo (which seems like something of a contradiction). There’s a ton of overlap in MINI’s lineup, but if the past is any guide, Paceman will be another nice sales boost. As MINI fans, we’re looking forward to next year. 2013 will bring an all-new version of the original MINI hardtop.

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