2013 Land Rover Range Rover Leaks Out

The Land Rover Range Rover is one of those iconic fixtures on the automotive scene that has remained remarkably the same over the years. That’s good – we wouldn’t be too fond of any radical changes to the formula. Time does march on though, and for 2013 the SUV is due for a refresh. The current generation Range Rover was introduced in 2002 and developed under BMW’s ownership.

It’s startling to think that is only the third generation in the Range Rover series. It’s startling to think that is only the third generation in the Range Rover series. Despite three owners over the past 15 years (BMW, Ford and now the Tata Group), there has been a remarkable continuity. The official press release and images aren’t out yet, but leaked images give us a clear picture of what is going on visually.

While for 2013 the overall shape remains the same, there are big changes underneath. It is more than just a mid-cycle enhancement. To save weight and boost fuel economy, the Range Rover will employ an aluminum frame that will reportedly save up to 550 pounds. At this price point, the use of aluminum begins to really make sense as a way to boost fuel economy numbers. As far as styling, the biggest Land Rover borrows a lot from the new direction set by the Evoque.

As big of fans of the Evoque, we like the results. The front end is still very Land Rover, but thoroughly modern at the same time. We really like detail elements like the front vents and lower fascia. Out back, the Range Rover is very stylish. But, we’ve seen that taillight shape somewhere else before. Ah yes – on the Ford Explorer. The similarity doesn’t bother us too much though. For 2013, Land Rover has definitely moved the ball forward. Word on the street is that Land Rover could employ turbocharged V-6 power as an option, alongside the traditional V-8 power plant. Stay tuned for official details and more images once the press release hits.

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