Really? 2013 Lamborghini Aventador To Add Stop/Start, Cylinder Deactivation

Fuel economy regulations that impose restrictions on a boutique and exotic manufactures are getting a bit ridiculous. You don’t buy a Lamborghini for fuel economy. Thanks to government legislators though, companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini are forced to come up with new measures aimed at efficiency.

We’ve heard about hybrid systems (KERS we are fine with), forced induction and diesels making their way to super cars. We’ll take a naturally-aspirated V-12 super car thanks. For the Aventador, Lamborghini is preparing a host of additions aimed not at performance, but efficiency. According to GTSpirit they are set to appear on the 2013 Aventador. They include stop/start tech (to six-cylinders) and highway cylinder deactivation. Really? If I’m spending hundreds of thousands on an Aventador, I want to hear it at idle.

The stop/start system uses a capacitor versus a battery, and that enables quicker charging as well as a seven pound reduction in weight. The result is a start up in 180 milliseconds, versus Ferrari’s 230 milliseconds and 250 milliseconds for an average system. So, now we’re talking about milliseconds in stop/start systems….OK. The changes combine for a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Other changes for 2013 included retuned dampers and springs, and reworked gauges and switchgear along with a slew of new carbon fiber accessories. Like the original, the 2013 Aventador is expected to launch at the Paris Motor Show next month. It’ll be interesting to see what customers and purists think of these changes. They should at least be optional. If that was the case though, we doubt that any would go for it. Doesn’t government have anything better to do with its time?

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