2015 Nissan Z To Lose Weight, Ditch V-6 Power?

As time goes on, cars (like people) usually get bigger and heavier, thanks to shift in missions or added equipment and the like. Today’s Nissan 370Z is the most powerful, expensive and heaviest Z yet. The original was a bit more downmarket than the full-fledged sports car the 370Z has become.

The good news is that the current car retains its value proposition. In the industry though, a focus is shifting to offering lighter, less expensive models targeted at younger customers. The 370Z is a great car, but it hasn’t had the same focus on it as the previous model did. Face it, most young people can’t afford a 370Z.

The question is: are they really going to pull the trigger en masse for cars like the Scion FR-S either though? Intention to buy and actually buying are two separate things. We’ll have to wait for sales and demographics data to roll in to know more. But, wisdom says aim at a demographic that has the money. But, we digress – we certainly aren’t against reductions in weight, or price for that matter. The only problem we have is when automakers talk about going all “mainstream” on us. Don’t go mainstream on us, Nissan.

Edmunds Inside Line says big changes are in store for the next-generation Z, due in 2015. It is only in the beginning stages, but Nissan design boss Shiro Nakamura says: “The next one has to have a stronger impact…and that won’t be achieved by making it bigger…It cannot be any larger…It’s at its maximum size now and should go leaner.” We’ll agree with them there – the Z isn’t a dinky little sports car. The change could involve ditching the car’s much-loved 3.7-liter VQ V-6 for a turbocharged four. The Z has always had a six – we aren’t sure how that will be received. To make everybody happy, they should offer two options. There’s a few Z untouchables though: rear-wheel drive and the car’s cabin/hood length ratio. The production Z is a way off, but IL says a concept could appear at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

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Tony Pimpo is a young automotive journalist who lives in Northern California. He believes the future of the automotive industry will depend in a large part on the recommendation of enthusiasts and Generation Y. More than ever, automakers lately have realized the power of Gen Y. Not only in regards to buying power, but in driving opinion and spreading a brand’s message through the internet and various forms of social media. His appreciation for cars formed at an early age, thanks to his dad, who has always been involved with cars in different ways over the years. Tony has contributed to various websites in his pursuits, and is on staff at GMInsideNews, where he has been writing since the age of 12.

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  1. Oh man I hope Nissan is listening. What was so great about the 370Z, aside from the fact that it's a damn good sports car overall, is that it (mostly) followed the traditional "Z-Car" formula, albeit a modern (i.e. heavier and electronic) version of it. That's what made it a hit with traditionalists and a blast to drive. Go "mainstream" and they'll sell more but it won't have the personality that makes it interesting. Please don't stray!

    • I was lambasted a few years back, during the pre-350Z concept Z days for saying a 4 wouldn't be the end of the world, and it wouldn't, but I would much prefer to stay with a 6. Now I am all for smaller, lighter and less expensive…. The VQ has already been done at 2.5 liters I think….

  2. nissan lover

    its great to see you guys are covering this. I really hope it keeps the v6 thought. I see the logic behind their move but it just wont be the same! If anyone reading this owns a 370z and they want to tell the world how amazing they are please head over to nissan 370z reviews and tell the world! :-)

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