Ever Settled for a Crappy Vanity Plate?


So you finally did it – you bought your dream car, a shiny red Ferrari F430 Spider. To top it all off, you get a personalized license plate with whatever you want on it. “FERRARI” – nope, taken. “F430” – taken. “RED F430” – taken. “V8 Spider” – taken. hmm… all that’s available is “FRRRI430” – that won’t do at all.

One man, frustrated at having to settle for lesser vanity plates, created PlatesPersonalized.com – a waiting list for vanity plates.

Vanity plates that are already taken do get released – owners can move, get in a crash, divorce, die, sell the car or have it stolen. With PlatesPersonalized, you’ll be alerted when the vanity plate you want is released.

Basic service is free, able to track plate and it’s checked once per quarter. To track more than one plate or to track it more frequently, there’s a pricing table:

Plates Personalized Pricing Table

They’re currently live in 22 states and counting.

If you’ve ever had to settle for a crappy vanity plate or just didn’t get the one you really wanted, let us know in the comments below.

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