Four-Door Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG DOA, Says Chairman

Treasure troves of information are often found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent filings are often found that demonstrate new technologies, as well as trademarks that may indicate a future model. In the automotive and technology industries, these sites are often scoured for these details.

In February, Autoblog discovered some drawings that depicted a four-door SLS AMG. The design showed an extended wheelbase with small rear doors that sat behind the front gullwings. It is a unique kind of door setup that never seen before. Along with the design were comments on structural rigidity and weight gains that indicated a detailed discussion of the merits. The question turned to what this meant.

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to “four-door coupes” – a genre it helped pioneer with the CLS. Autoblog reached out to Mercedes at the time, and typically they didn’t have any comment. A four-door that offered a 2+2 seating capacity seemed like an attention-getting idea. A few months later, the truth is coming out though. AMG chairman Ola Källenius spoke with Belgian magazine Autovisie about the car, likely at the recent media avail held in Afferbach, Germany. His answer regarding production? “Absolutely not.”

That is a pretty firm denial. He said the filing was an old design that came about during the development of the SLS, and that is has no future merit. He also added (roughly translated – thanks Google!) that it is “striking how such a story [takes] suddenly a life of its own.” Well, that’s the media for you. We’re all about uncovering things like this and bringing them to light. AMG has been in the news a lot recently, thanks ot coverage of the exciting A45 (A-Class) AMG hatch, as well as the introduction of the SLS AMG GT for the 2013 model year. So, AMG has a promising future ahead of it, with many new models. Apparently a four-door SLS AMG isn’t one of them though – for now.

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