2013 Ford Fiesta Adds Titanium Trim Level

Ford has restructured its lineup naming, with the Titanium trim-level taking center stage as the top-line model. Ford Titaniums are luxurious and packed with technology. Thanks to the focus on style, they are at a level above where most mainstream automakers top out at. This has created a good problem of sorts for Ford, forcing Lincoln to really step up its game.

In the past few model cycles there hasn’t been that much of a spec sheet difference between Ford and Lincolns, something punctuated by Ford’s previous hesitance to spend the money on sheet metal differentiation. That is in the past though; Lincoln has gotten a separate design team and a commitment from Ford to do whatever it takes. Today, Ford has announced that it is bringing Titanium to the Fiesta for 2013.

It replaces the SES (horrible moniker, by the way) and gives consistency to the lineup. On the Focus, the Titanium allows the car to compete with vehicles such as the Acura ILX and Buick Verano. The Titanium Fiesta hatchback starts at $18,200. Par for the course, it includes things like an upgraded exterior appearance package, heated leather seats and a push-button starter. No word if it will be available with a navigation system.

As customers get more acquainted with buying small cars, luxury models will increase in popularity. For some, they’d rather have a decked out Fiesta than a base model Fusion. The rest of the lineup has also been reworked, with what Ford says are more logical option packages. The Fiesta we’re waiting for is the ST though, along with the RS. We’re hoping the RS will get approved, along with the Focus model. For 2014, the Fiesta is expected to get redesigned with a more mature global face that was first shown off on the Fusion. The interior is also expected to get a (needed) update, influenced by Focus and Fusion.

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