Icon Sets Sights on Creating Aston Martin Zagato GT Volante

The Aston Martin Zagato GT, with its three separate production runs, has always been a car that piques the interest of enthusiasts. As of late though, it has been garnering lots of interest. Maybe it is Aston’s recent partnership with Zagato that has spurred this latest round of recreations.

Evanta’s stunning one-off recreation last week was the pinnacle of what we’ve seen in terms of recreations. Evanta’s model is based on the DB7, but you would never know it. Now, Los Angeles-based Icon 4×4 is taking their turn. Icon? We thought they made top-notch recreations of vehicles like the Ford Bronco, Jeep CJ and Toyota FJ Series.

Well they do, but they have been looking to expand beyond that (anyone heard of the Derelicts?). In reality, the Aston effort does fit in with founder Jonathan Ward’s desire to “continue to revisit a wide range of transportation legends in a modern context.” Next target? The Aston Martin Zagato GT, as a Volante under the “Reformer” tag. The original was never produced as a convertible, but Icon has decided to produce the Volante that never was.

As evidence of the top-notch nature of the effort, Icon has brought in Ercole Spada. He was the head of Zagato at the time of the Zagato GT. He designed the original, and is getting to participate in this project years later, along with his son Paolo Spada. Pretty cool stuff! The car will be produced in Turin, Italy at Spadaconcept, based on the V12 Vantage’s mechanicals. Classic styling, authentic recreation, fully modern mechanicals, Italian production – Icon isn’t messing around. Just sign on the dotted line, that’ll be about $5 million. Icon has only released one sketch of the car, and hasn’t specified whether or not it will be a one-off or limited production run. Stay tuned.

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