Fisker Announces Penske-Operated Fisker of Scottsdale

Setting up a new automaker (and even a new brand) is a monumental task. It includes everything from development to marketing a new name, to complying with regulations and setting up a dealer and service network. Tesla decided to skip the third-party by opening and controlling its own factory stores.

Fisker, on the other hand, has opted for a more traditional route, and has added a new milestone in that goal – the opening of a new dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona. And it isn’t just any dealer, mind you – but one instead owned and operated by the Penkse Automotive Group. Having Penske on board is a pretty big deal, given its track record of success. PAG has 336 retail outlets spanning 42 brands, along with 29 collision repair centers.

The beginnings of a partnership with the company will also open the door to further outlets if this one is successful. A dealer in the Scottsdale region is a perfect fit for the Karma. The Karma’s appeal, given its price tag and limited practicality, is in the upper reaches of the car market. In the Netherlands, the Karma has become the number two selling large luxury sedan, behind only the Porsche Panamera

Last week Fisker announced that it has raised $1 billion and sold 1,000 cars since the beginning of the year. In particular the amount of money raised is an eye-popping figure. It is one that indicates a very high level of investor confidence, as well as the ability to see the Atlantic through to fruition. Sales of the Karma have been continuing steadily, and the addition of new dealers is a good sign. Fisker now has a total of 80 retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe – 48 in North America. China and the Middle East will be soon added to the list as Fisker expands its global reach.

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