Lexus GS Coupe Could Come Next Year

Lexus is busy sprucing up its lineup, adding some excitement to mainstream models and introducing a more definitive styling language. Other than the older IS and IS-F, the first major step forward came with the recently-introduced GS sedan. The rear-wheel drive GS is said to be the most engaging Lexus sedan ever, and it looks a whole lot more dynamic too.

In addition, there is sport models that spruce up the styling significantly. What about specific models geared toward enthusiasts though? Lexus recently showed off a high-end luxury coupe that they are reportedly strongly considering for production.

The last Lexus coupe was the SC430, which had the dubious distinction of being the last car on the market with a tape deck. It went out of production in 2010. The IS, our favorite Lexus, has always seemed like the perfect candidate for a coupe. It instead got a convertible variant, and given that it is approaching the end of its production run, a coupe is out of the picture for a few years out. Inside Line reports that the GS, on the other hand, will be first out of the gate with a coupe model.

It would make perfect sense. The brand currently lacks a coupe, and the GS Coupe would go against the Audi A5, BMW 6-Series, Cadillac CTS Coupe and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. Last summer, Lexus chief Mark Templin told IL that he was seeking a sporty coupe in the $60-70,000 range. The performance variant of the GS coupe could definitely top out in that range. We’re definitely in favor of this, and given the seriousness of Lexus’ effort, it seems like a go-ahead is likely. If approved, the GS Coupe would likely go on sale late next year. Right now, the focus is on the still-fresh GS sedan and upcoming 2013 ES sedan.

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