Subaru WRX To Be Patterned After Advanced Tourer Concept?

To us enthusiasts, the shining star of Subaru’s lineup is the Impreza WRX. It has a lot of staunch fans, and there’s always strong debate between the WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution camps.

While we quite sure what is going on with the Evolution, Subaru is fully committed to the WRX. In fact, for the next-generation model it will play an even bigger role in the lineup than ever. Crazily enough, the WRX has always took the subpar Impreza and turned it into something special.

Next time around though, it will get more individuality, dropping the Impreza tag from its name. The current WRX is based on the previous Impreza – WRX didn’t get redesigned at the same time as the rest of the line. This is the beginning step of the separation plan. Now comes some surprising news about the car’s future. Motor Trend reports that we’ve already gotten a good look at the WRX – at least year’s Tokyo Auto Show in the form of the Advanced Tourer Concept.

None of us expected that, and MT says they didn’t either. To be honest, Advanced Tourer is far from where we think the WRX should be. Subaru apparently disagrees though, as the next-gen model is expected to be more “mature.” Mature?! The WRX has never been mature. According to MT, the WRX will get a boost in size as well, along with much more aggressive styling. If this is true (which we aren’t certain about), we are uncertain about the WRX’s future. The Advanced Tourer Concept is too big and long to be a WRX, which is a car whose appeal was in its rally-like nature. So far we’ve heard some “out there” things about the WRX – it is getting an electric turbocharger, becoming a large grand tourer. We’ll have to see what comes of it.

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