Saab Fans Raise Enough To Save Last 2013 9-3 Griffin

Last week, we reported about Saab fans determined to make automotive history. The aim? To come together and purchase the very last Saab 9-3 Griffin, which hasn’t been completed yet. The Saab plant in Trollhattan has been largely idle ever since last year, but the administrator in charge of bankruptcy has overseen the completion of remaining vehicles sitting on the line.

If you’ll remember, it wasn’t an orderly shutdown. Money troubles left cars sitting on the production line.Today Saabs United has reached its goal. Collectively over 28,500 euros (about $37,500) has been raised, no small sum. The remaining amount of money will be donated to the Saab Museum in Trollhattan.

This only further proves that Saab fans are some of the most rabid out there. That dedication is what spurred Victor Mueller and company’s purchase of Saab from General Motors back in 2009. It is also one of the reasons there is so much interest in the brand as it is today.

What’s clear is that Mueller is a die hard Saab fan to the core. He worked tirelessly for months to try to save the company. Now, despite not having anything to do with the company officially, he is still a very active participant in the Saab community. He is still holding out hope that the company will be purchased and saved. That kind of dedication isn’t often seen automotive executives, who jump from company to company without any attachment. The last 9-3 Griffin will be placed in the Saab Museum (which Saab fans also helped to save) under a five-year loan. It was going to be gifted, but in order to make sure the car is in safe hands, ownership is being retained. Congratulations Saabs fans for saving the last 9-3 – this is a huge accomplishment. Stay tuned for updates on the future of the Saab brand itself – an announcement is due before the beginning of the summer.

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