Mercedes-Benz Working on Front-Wheel Drive GLA Crossover

We’ve been wondering if Mercedes-Benz would bring over the new B-Class, based on the Mercedes Front Architecture. With this latest news form CAR, we can safely conclude that won’t be happening. If you haven’t been paying attention, Mercedes has decided to go full-speed ahead with front-wheel drive platforms in an effort to catch up to BMW and Audi.

MFA will underpin vehicles below the C-Class, and if all goes well, it will play a big part
in future growth at Mercedes. We’re likely to get the A-Class, CSC four-door sedan and now the GLA. The smallest crossover at Mercedes currently is the truck-like GLK. Below it, a new segment is emerging though.

In the United States, Land Rover was first to market with the Evoque. Then BMW confirmed arrival of the X1, and Audi is said to be following suit quickly after by bringing over the Q3. Although it will be sold internationally, GLA is essentially the B-Class for the U.S-market, as CAR has confirmed that the dimensions will be very similar. The magazine’s figures peg the crossover as longer, narrower and lower than the Evoque and Q3, while the X1 has it beat in length.

As far as engines go, expect four-cylinders like the rest of the MFA lineup. The CSC Concept is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with direct injection making 208 horsepower. The GLA is said to continue with the design language started by Gorden Wagener and the rest of the Mercedes design team. With that in mind, we expect it to be very stylish. A-Class and CSC are stunning vehicles that really advance Mercedes styling. Avant garde isn’t something usually associated with Merc. On a side note though, what is going on with Mercedes naming? It is beginning to make absolutely no sense. Figure it out please….

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