2013 Scion FR-S To Hit 20,000 Sales A Year, Reach Older Buyers?

Scion FR-S

Scion recently cut the xB and xD compacts, leading to a more performance-biased, youth-oriented lineup than ever before. For 2013 there will be just the FR-S, tC and iQ. Clearly the FR-S is the best car to ever wear the Scion badge, and we think its arrival will do a lot for Scion’s credibility in the youth market.

Recently media previews were held for the car in the United States, and Jack Hollis, Scion’s vice president, spoke about sales expectations to Wards Auto. So far, Scion has logged 1,243 orders and an impressive 27,00 hand raisers for the FR-S, which is goes on sale June 1st. This year, they expect to sell about 10,000 units, with that amount rising to 20,000 thereafter.

Scion FR-S

On the other hand, Subaru expects to sell about 5,000-7,000 units of the slightly more expensive BRZ. Scion plans to keep each dealer stocked with about one car, with availability just below demand. “We’re confident we can sell every one we get our hands on” said Hollis. Hollis thinks that if customers have to wait a bit for their cars, they will have more time to think about accessories and the like. Last month, Scion brought together aftermarket companies at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association.

There they measured the car, vital to get the ball rolling on exterior accessories. Given Scion’s willingness to work with aftermarket companies and a unique warranty arrangement designed to spur this activity, there is going to be a lot of accessories coming out for this car. Scion itself is offering accessories direct, such as a Five Axis body kit that Hollis has purchased for his personal FR-S. Interestingly, Scion is expecting a good portion of the sales to be to an older demographic. The projection is for a high percentage of males (of course), with an average annual income of $55-60,000. The FR-S starts at $24,200 for the base six-speed manual, $25,300 for the automatic and it goes on sale June 1st.

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