2013 Honda Concept C and S Debut In Beijing

It’s no secret that we aren’t big fans of Honda’s styling direction over the past say…..five years (at least). And really, most people you ask aren’t either. Just look at Honda’s sales figures right now. They aren’t great, and a change is needed. Acura has gotten with the program, evidenced by ILX, RDX and the RLX Concept. Now it is Honda’s turn. The current Civic has underwhelmed while the rest of the segment impressed, and a MCE is being readied to help rectify that.

Slated to debut within the next year is a redesign of the pivotal Accord sedan. In Bejing Honda has just taken the wraps off the Concept C and Concept S. Both are supposed to preview future production models, although they aren’t carbon copies of their production counterparts. Concept C gives us a hint at what is in store for the Accord.

We’ll get one thing out of the way first (the bad). What were they thinking with that front end? The huge center chrome bar and gigantic Honda logo just aren’t working for us. Sans these elements and the concept detailing though, we can definitely see the basis for a stylish front end design though. Don’t mess this up Honda, because the rest of the car is good. Concept C brings modern proportions to the Accord, along with some nice side sculpting. The taut lines look upscale, and the taillights are the most unique element. While they are different, it is in a good way. We hope Honda goes with something similar for the production sedan.

Concept S is next, and i In fact, we love the front end – Honda needs to look no further for what do with the Accord. Taut, clean and still Honda. Concept S is a breath of fresh air compared to what has been coming out from the brand. The way the grille flows and everything works so well. Are you listening Honda? You have a good thing here with the Concept S. We hope it influences future models significantly.

Honda president and Chief Executive Officer Takanobu Ito took the occasion to announce an increased focus on the Chinese market. He says Honda is making an effort to “further localize our development, production and parts sourcing in China.” While the Concept C and S are being introduced in China, their influence will be seen globally. Concept C slightly raises our expectations for the next Accord. It better be good; Honda needs a home run right now.

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  1. Honda Irvine

    My favorite is Concept S; it looks modern and futuristic and still while maintaining that import showoff style. I agree that the concept S may be a bit polarizing. The grille reminds me of one of the Acura’s with the big grille.

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