April Fools: Could Chevrolet Create an El Camino Camaro?

The product that has best bridged the qualities of the vintage and modern Chevrolet is most definitely the Camaro. While the Corvette is the oldest running car model in the Chevrolet line-up, the Chevrolet Camaro currently draws a more emotional connection thanks to higher availability. Immediately paying tribute to the first-generation General Motors pony car with styling, the Camaro returned in 2009 successfully transporting itself into a performance vehicle market during a harsh economy. Last year, Chevrolet took the wraps off a 580-horsepower super performance vehicle using the classic ZL1 nameplate. Resurrecting classics, could the El Camino be the next inspiration for a future Camaro model?

What would be the chances for seeing an “El Camino Camaro” coupe utility on the roads? In a modern time where customers are explicitly requesting car-like utility, the Chevrolet Camaro would certainly provide the driving pleasure sought by the marketplace. Performance from a 323-horsepower, direct-injected V-6 and a fire-breathing 6.2 liter V-8 engine generating up to 426 horsepower would beat almost any full-sized pick-up off the starting line. With up to 30 miles per gallon highway possible from the V-6 powered 2012 Camaro, the fuel economy of an El Camino Camaro would better many popular utility vehicles (providing the truck bed does not drastically affect aerodynamics).

Selling a car/truck design hybrid in for the first time in 1959, Chevrolet’s creation of the El Camino in the United States was a direct reaction to the Ford Ranchero introduced two years prior. Though the original El Camino lasted for only three consecutive years in the marketplace, Chevrolet would revive the model in 1964 for what would be a 23-year run. Through the Muscle Car era, the Chevrolet El Camino was entered an interesting subset of performance and utility with many of the high-powered small and big block engines installed in the Chevelle available. Surviving the oil crisis and the vehicle downsizing of the 1970s, the El Camino remained to be in the Chevrolet line-up until 1987. Ever since it‘s second demise, the prospect of a new Chevrolet El Camino has grown with even a concept based on a Chevy Lumina exhibited in the 1990s.

Before the demise of Pontiac, General Motors was priming to export the Holden Ute from Australia for the United States market. Perhaps a sign of Pontiac’s last gasp of creativity being lost, the brand decided on calling the vehicle ‘ST’ short for Sport Truck (What was suspicious was the name was apparently acquired through a contest where several more inspired names must have been pitched). Planned for a 2009 introduction as a 2010 model, the discontinuation of Pontiac cancelled the vehicle’s prospect for the North American sales.

In answering a previous of what the chances are for seeing an El Camino Camaro in production, the prospect is worse than the BMW M3 Pickup shown last year at this exact time. Of course, the El Camino Camaro design is nothing but a joke to acknowledge the festivity of the day of good-natured trickery known as April Fools’ Day. It was my intent in this parody sketch (yes, I drew the image of the joke El Camino Camaro so I please ask for your sympathy when planning to criticizing the artistic merits) treat the good viewers of Automoblog.net to something you will see no where else on this April 1st. If you want to see a much better example of the concept of an Chevy Camaro-based  El Camino, one was posted on Automoblog.net in 2009. Running into it only after wasting my efforts of a better part of half a day, apparently I’m an April fool.

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