2013 Honda Crosstour “Concept” Headed For New York


Honda’s experiment with the Crosstour hasn’t gone well. When it debuted, the Honda Accord Crosstour (as it was known then) was supposed to be mark the beginning of an important new model line for Honda. It hasn’t quite turned out that way.

Crossovers are a growing segment for everyone – how could Honda have messed it up? Well, mess it up they did. From the moment of the Crosstour’s Facebook introduction, it was ill-received. The styling did it in – American Honda President Tetsuo Iwamura said last year that they “went a bit too far” with it. Agreed. They still think it is “very beautiful”, however – which is likely where some of the problem lies.

Don’t you know buyers only tolerate expensive, largely useless vehicles when they have a luxury badge on them? Anyhow, the question has now turned to a fix. The four-cylinder model that debuted last year isn’t going to do the trick in boosting sales by much. It lowers the MSRP, but takes away one of the redeeming features of the Crosstour: its peppy V-6. According to Honda a Crosstour “concept” will be making its way to the New York International Auto Show.

If we know Honda, concept means it will be a dead ringer for the production car. They have a recent strategy of releasing a concept about 6 months before the production vehicle. Why they do that rather than just labeling it as a production vehicle from the get go, we’ll never know. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a change the Crosstour Concept indicates. Maybe it will be a nip and tuck, maybe a more thorough mid-cycle enhancement. Hopefully it is the later. Either way, we’ll know on April 4th. Hopefully someday we’ll see a return to good looking Hondas again. We’d be surprised if that change began with the Crosstour though….

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  1. kenny says:

    My EYES! Whoa! That’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen from Honda — really give some of the older Korean domestics a run for their money in the ugly race! Whew! I can’t believe it!! they must have been stoned out of their freaking minds!

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