Geneva: BMW M135i Concept

BMW M135i

Many of the cars at BMW and other luxury performance manufacturers are suitably powerful and well-handing enough in their standard iterations. Some just want the standard package with a sportier look or better handling, and don’t want to shell out the dough for a full-on M model. This is the premise of Volvo’s R-Design package, which we tested out in Arizona last week.

BMW is joining the fray as well with its new M Performance line of parts that it is debuting in Geneva. It is BMW’s focal point at the show, and to show off a collection of the parts offered it has created the M135i Concept.

The M135i Concept shows off a three-door hatchback 1-Series, something that hasn’t yet been introduced in Europe for the current F20. Last year, BMW launched a redesigned 1-Series generation that we haven’t gotten here in the United States. That’s because we only get the coupe and convertible 1-Series here and they curiously weren’t updated to the new generation. Maybe that will come later. Regardless, we don’t get the five-door and don’t hold your breath for the three-door if it does get produced either.

Three-dor RWD hatchback fun sounds like an appealing notion to some enthusiasts in Europe, and the 135i is happy to oblige. Under hood is BMW’s TwinPower turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder, making over 300 horsepower (BMW quote exact power specs). The suspension has been stiffened and new 18-inch M wheels fitted. The result is M tacked on to the M135i moniker, and it sounds like a lot of fun to us – if only we could get our hands on it. Word on the street is that BMW is likely to approve it for production in Europe soon. Many still are on the fence about the car’s snout; decide for yourself in our gallery below.

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