Porsche Names Cayenne Replacement

Porsche Macan

2014 Porsche Macan

I’ll admit – every once in a while my predictions are wrong. OK, sometimes they’re way off. When Porsche unveiled the Cayenne back in 2002, I threw what some might call a hissy-fit about it. You see, despite my excitement for automotive technology moving forward, I’m also a bit of a traditionalist. I don’t like when car companies – particularly specialty car companies – stray from their heritage. I threw a similar hissy-fit when Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche unveiled their four-door sedans, the Estoque, Rapide, and Panamera, respectively.

But despite my hesitation, Porsche’s Cayenne SUV has done exceptionally well for the brand over two generations, and I have to give them props for that. But now it’s time to move on.

Meet the Porsche Macan, their replacement for the Cayenne, due to begin production in 2013 as a 2014 model. Bernhard Maier, Executive VP Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG says of the Macan, “The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the benefits of a SUV and is a genuine Porsche. The name of a new Porsche has to fit with the brand, sound good in very many languages and dialects and evoke positive associations.”

No details on the Macan have been released yet, but expect some info to start trickling out soon.

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