2012 Honda Crosstour Adds Four-Cylinder, No Appeal


The Honda Crosstour just hasn’t been selling well, something that has become ever more clear now that its sales figures are listed as a standalone model. The Crosstour’s flop status has been acknowledged by the top brass at Honda. That’s good – they say first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Honda seems perplexed by the reasons for its failure though.

We aren’t – most people want something attractive, and the Crosstour just isn’t it. American Honda President Tetsuo Iwamura said he was disappointed in the car’s sales because the car had “very beautiful styling” but that they “went a bit too far.” Indeed.

On paper, the Crossover should be doing well, as the overall crossover segment is roaring. It doesn’t help anything that the Crosstour is pretty expensive, and that Honda in general isn’t doing too well. That said, Honda isn’t giving up on the car, and it is looking to alleviate one of those aforementioned issues – price tag. A four-cylinder should help drop the Crosstour’s MSRP by a good amount, theoretically making it a more attractive package to potential buyers.

For 2012, a four-cylinder front-wheel drive model will be joining the lineup. The engine puts out 192 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. Hardly inspiring figures; they should make the 4-cylinder Crosstour an absolute joy to drive (sarcasm alert!). One of the current Crosstour’s redeeming qualities is its V-6 power, which gives it good performance. The four-banger will boost mileage, by 3 mpg city and 2 mpg highway, to 29 highway, 21 city.

The four-cylinder is paired with front-wheel drive power only – all-wheel drive is a no go. Changes to the exterior include 17-inch wheels, versus 18s for the six-cylinder. For 2012, standard equipment like a backup camera, Bluetooth and an auto dimming rearview mirror has been added to the Crosstour lineup. A flop is a flop though – we doubt a four-cylinder will change that.

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  1. Betty Presser

    I have owned my Crosstour since 2010 and I love this car! I drove it through the 2 large snows a couple of years ago without any difficulty! I read comments about the radio/other instruments not being arranged conveniently but I have never had a problem with that!

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