Buick Teases 2013 Encore

Encore, Encore – it is something heard at concerts and other entertainment events. Buick wants you to be saying it at the dealer though, as the company is introducing a new crossover at the Detroit Auto Show.

The Encore has been in the works for a while as a “Baby Enclave.” The company developed the Encore in response to the Saturn Vue-based “Vuick” controversy. The automotive blog and twitter sphere decided that Buick was better than a rebadged Saturn, and therefore a more unique model was born.

Buick’s renaissance began in the 2008 model year with a crossover, the Enclave, and it has continued ever since with models like the LaCrosse and Regal. The next phase is two compact models – the Verano sedan which is arriving at dealers, and the Encore. Both should help boost volume significantly. Buick sales have been rising on the back of just three competitive models – Enclave, LaCrosse and Regal. The Verano and Encore will expand that appeal significantly.

This teaser has been released and while we don’t expect the Encore to break any new ground ground breaker, it should do a good job adding new buyers for Buick. The most unique thing about the design appears to be the little vent insert into the front headlight. We’re still deciding if it should be chrome or body colored instead of black though. This definitely isn’t the base model too, so this is how it will look for the rest of the lineup.

The light also features Buick’s signature blue projector ring. Buick didn’t release much more information, except to say the Encore will feature QuietTuning like every other Buick. Sources have said the Encore is actually pretty small for a U.S market crossover, as it is Gamma based. Gamma is the platform the underpins the Chevrolet Sonic – a subcompact. Shows you how flexible platforms are, doesn’t it? Given its small size, it’ll be interesting to see if the Encore offers acceptable interior room.

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