2013 Dodge Viper Launching This April in New York

In terms of performance, things have have changed a lot for the Chrysler Group after the partnership with Fiat. The company’s Street Racing Technology division has returned with a vengeance, leading to a lot of amazing cars like the 300C, Charger, Challenger and Grand Cherokee SRT-8 models. The ultimate expression of performance at the Chrysler Group has always been the Viper though. In the dark days leading up to Chrysler’s bankruptcy, the company tried selling off assets to raise capital. That included the Viper, which Chrysler tried pitching to potential buyers as a standalone brand. It didn’t work out, and the company held on to Viper (thankfully!).

After the bankruptcy, many wondered if the Viper would have a place in a new Chrysler era. To show that it did, the Viper’s Connor Avenue assembly plant was the first Chrysler factory to reopen after the bankruptcy.

The Viper as we knew it was getting outdated though; very similar to the first generation and not in compliance with upcoming emissions and crash regulations. The answer? An all-new model. The previous generation car was discontinued while a new one is being readied. There has been a lot of speculation about the new Viper, such as the possibility of Ferrari power and platform sharing with Maserati or Ferrari.

Executives seem genuinely excited about the car, promising it will be the best Viper yet, with an extra touch of refinement. The Viper never had a lot technology or refinement; we expect these to be areas the new one focuses on. Autoblog reports that Chief Executive Officer of SRT, Ralph Gilles spoke with Viper magazine and confirmed that the next-generation 2013 Viper will be launching this year at the New York Auto Show in April. We’re really interesting to see what direction they take the Viper. From the sounds of it, it will be something pretty special.

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