Gorgeous Booth Babes: 2011 SEMA Show – Photo Gallery

SEMA 2011 Booth Babe

I know this is what you guys have been waiting for.

Every year, at the beginning of November, there is a plethora of…ahem…extremely attractive young women adorning the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the biggest aftermarket car show in the world – SEMA – showing off the latest and greatest car parts, accessories, and a metric crap-ton of highly modified supercars. And honestly, what’s better than gorgeous women and beautiful cars in the same place? Umm…nothing comes to mind…

So enough with the blabbering, I know what you came here for. Check out the photo gallery below – somehow, we managed to convince quite a few of these wonderful ladies to let us snap their pictures:

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  1. Vern Southard

    Thanks for including the beautiful booth girls in your coverage of SEMA. Sure the cars are extraordinary, but the women give a lot of pzaaaaz to the show, and guess what, car guys also like beautiful smiling friendly women in sexy outfits. The mainstream car mags don’t even mention all these hard working women, except when they hire a non car person female to be a car reviewer,who then tweets snide remarks about the SEMA girls’ outfits. I’ve met a few women who travel the country working car shows for auto manufacturers and they put in a lot of hours on the road to be there at the shows. SEMA has more originality and excitement than the mainstream urban car shows, because people who love cars and making them really cool put a lot of passion and hard work into them. Old car guys still get a kick out of really great cars and SEMA gets better every year.

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