Chevy Unveils the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept at SEMA

Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Concept badge

Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Concept

Although the news broke a few days ago just before the 2011 SEMA Show, I still want to share Chevy’s latest Camaro concept car – the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept. GM and Mattel teamed up to create this cool new concept, and did a fantastic job making it look like a full-sized Hot Wheels toy.

The Camaro Hot Wheels Concept is actually based off of one of the first 16 Hot Wheels toys ever made – the “Custom Camaro” – in 1968. The original toy had what they call a Spectraflame finish, so the team at Chevy spent a significant amount of time trying to recreate the look of a Hot Wheels finish by giving the car this glowing, colored green chrome (using a process never before done on a car,) and did a fantastic job.

The Camaro Hot Wheels Concept has, in addition to the unique paint job, Hot Wheels badging on the front grille, quarter panels, door sills, rear deck lid, and embroidered on the front seatbacks. In terms of styling, they’ve given the car the ZL1 grille and spoiler, a black body kit all-around, black, 20-inch wheels with a red accent stripe, Euro-style taillamps and rear fascia, a black stripe down the middle, and a black aluminum hood insert with milled hood vent extractors. Inside, the concept gets fancy pedals, red lighting in the footwells and cup holders, and a black/red interior theme.

Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Concept seatbacks

For performance, they’ve given the Hot Wheels Camaro bigger Brembo brakes, lowered it, added a strut tower brace, a new exhaust system, and planted in the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 and 6-speed manual transmission.

For Chevy, it’s just a concept, but for Hot Wheels, you can pick up the 1:64 scale model very soon.

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