PM Lifestyle/UTI Prepped Hyundai Veloster to Rock SEMA Show

Back in the 1980s, when the Hyundai Pony and Stellar gave North American audiences a negative sense of vehicle engineering, few would have expected the South Korean company would be a participant at a trendy automotive aftermarket accessories show. Evolving drastically into a producer of desirable automobiles, Hyundai’s 2011 presence at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas captures the changed auto company now basking in their efforts to improve a poor first impression on Americans. Joining customized cars will be at least two modified examples of the all-new Hyundai Veloster. One of the Hyundai SEMA show cars will be the PM Lifestyle Veloster.

Created through the cooperation of media company PM Lifestyle and the Universal Technical Institute, Hyundai’s three-door sport compact enjoys heavy accessorizing in time for the 2011 major exhibition. Applying a custom blue D-BASF paint code along with the Hyundai Veloster body, the customization of the car is immediately recognizable thanks to the generous use of carbon fiber. Exhibited in the material’s raw black appearance, a carbon fiber hood, trunk lid and lower rear diffuser supplied by Seibon reforms the PM Lifestyle Hyundai Veloster into a more individualized machine. Carbon fiber hood dampers from GReddy and a Sequence-X Body Kit completes considerable exterior aesthetic enhancements on the vehicle.

In darkness, the PM Lifestyle Veloster shines an array of advanced vehicle lighting. Using V-LEDS branded illumination, an LED conversion kit and HID fog lights dazzle the Hyundai Veloster. An additional modification includes the placement of LED mirrors sourced from the mid-sized Hyundai Genesis.

Modifying the show of the Hyundai three-door, the PM Lifestyle Veloster possesses wholesale changes underneath the hood and beneath the body. Inside the modified vehicle’s engine compartment, an AEM cold air intake unit and an oil cooler fan are added to the internally stock Hyundai 1.6 liter Gamma four-cylinder powerplant. Engine power through custom headers is funneled through a Magnaflow exhaust system that includes a racing-oriented catalytic converter. Charging to maximum power through Nitrous Express engine enhancements, overall performance arising from the PM Lifestyle Hyundai Veloster is rated at an estimated 163 horsepower (a 25 horsepower improvement over the stock-equipped Veloster).

The PM Lifestyle Hyundai Veloster’s engine performance build-up is accompanied by aftermarket chassis components. KW suspension kit gives the custom Veloster a complete coil-over shock ride. SSBC brakes as well as a SPEC clutch assure prompt starting and stopping of the PM Lifestyle Veloster. From Koenig wheels, Deception line 18-inch matte black alloys fill the car’s Continental Extreme Contact DW tires.

Creating a handsomely enhanced sport compact on the outside, swinging open the three doors of the PM Lifestyle Veloster will delivers an equal level of excitement. Featuring leather seating and interior upholstery coloured with a shade called Peanut Butter, the Hyundai Veloster interior created by PM Lifestyle is heavily customized to the sport compact theme. Additional gauges for nitrous and air/fuel mixture ratios are presented to the driver who is secured to his seat with Status seat belt harnesses. A special on-board tool storage system until provided by Snap-On Tools will be placed in the rear of the three-door hatchback Hyundai giving the vehicle is truer definition to the term ‘tuner car’.

Building performance around the car, the PM Lifestyle Veloster will also boast a sizable entertainment system. Providing sound through Kicker speakers and a 400-watt amplifier, the PM Lifestyle Hyundai Veloster’s top electronic highlight inside will be a Panasonic Toughbook.

Following its formal introduction at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, this special Hyundai Veloster created in partnership will be taken on a three-year tour through UTI (Universal Technical Institute). The PM Lifestyle Veloster show car (as part of a promotion tool with UTI) will become a fixture in enticing potential future mechanics and technicians to pursue a career in the field.

Information and photo source: Hyundai Motor America

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