Hyundai Veloster Could Add a Door

Hyundai is spooling up an advertising campaign for the Veloster, and it is arriving in dealers around the country. The first was delivered to a customer on September 23rd. For those looking for funkiness, the Veloster is your car. The hatchback is unique for the fact that its offers a three-door layout, with a door behind the passenger.

That makes for an interesting situation – the driver’s door is larger than the passenger one. Most would think it is a coupe at first glance, and it is styled to give that impression. It remains to see how the inexpensive coupe will fare in sales, but Car and Driver reports it could be adding a door, making for a more traditional layout.

The work in adding a door is already being done in the United Kingdom, which has drivers placed on the right-hand side. Adding a door would make the car’s layout look symmetrical, as well as adding in some more practicality. The response from Hyundai about its arrival was “anything’s possible.” Not very concrete, is it? The answer was a bit more definitive when C&D inquired about overlap with the i30. When asked about that, Hyundai said hey think there is is room for both models.

The i30 takes the place of the Elantra in Hyundai’s European-lineup. It is a bit more high-end, with a nicer looking interior. The previous generation car was sold as the Elantra Touring here in the United States. This time around it is slated to travel across the pond once again, giving Hyundai a hatchback competitor to the Ford Focus.

So there you have it, the Veloster could be getting a bit less funky. With the Veloster, the question of referring to how many doors it has is tricky. Right now if you counted the hatch as a door it would be considered four-door. That doesn’t sound quite right though; we’ll stick to the traditional U.S way of not counting in the hatch.

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