Cadillac Proclaims CTS Coupe Segment Sales Leader, SRX Nips at RX’s Heels

“Four-door coupes” sell better than real two-doors in today’s marketplace. The reason why that happens usually comes down to practicality. Most buyers want to carry more passengers and gear. When you have more expendable income to kick around on a second car, it can be less of a concern.

The Cadillac CTS Coupe makes a bold statement in that regard. It is much more than a CTS sans two-doors. The standard CTS sedan and their V-Series counterparts are viewed as star products by the automotive press- and there is good reason for that. Widespread praise is earned because of their design and rear-wheel drive handling dynamics. If we had the cash, we’d order a CTS-V Coupe Diamond Edition in a heartbeat. Oh yeah!

The CTS-V series goes head-to-head with the BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG in pricing and performance. Downstream, CTS pricing is more in 3-Series territory, despite being 5-Series in size. That situation will be rectified when the ATS arrives. Until then, the CTS is bread-and-butter at Cadillac.

Today Cadillac has announced that the CTS Coupe has become the best-selling model in its segment. So far this year, Cadillac has sold 15,711 Coupes, representing 27% percent of overall CTS sales. Given that the Coupe is pretty new, isn’t too shocking. However, Cadillac has shown sales strength elsewhere as well. The CTS lineup is up 24% over last year and the SRX crossover is also up strongly, becoming Cadillac’s best seller. CTS isn’t far behind with a total of 4,663.

The SRX sold 4,901 units last month, versus the 5,003 sales for the Lexus RX, the best-selling crossover in the segment. The SRX is making inroads into a market long-dominated by the RX. What’s more, Cadillac’s sales growth has been done with a lineup that is much smaller than its competitors. With new models like the ATS and XTS, Cadillac could eclipse Lexus in the near future.

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