Report Says “550” Mid-Engined Porsche Could Be Next Addition To Lineup

With all the talk of Porsche expanding its lineup, the tendency is to center around cars that hard core enthusiasts roll their eyes at. The Cajun small SUV is destined to be the next entry to Porsche’s lineup, but we like what we are hearing about some of the other possibilities. One that has been oft-discussed is a new 928 GT, and that would be perfect given the Panamera platform is there to form a basis. The other is a small mid-engined roadster that would slot in below the Boxster. CAR Magazine reports that work is being done on a model, referred to as the “550.” The 550 is far from receiving an official green light, however. CAR reports that the 550 is in the engineering feasibility stage. That means specific numbers are being evaluated, to decide whether the business plan will make sense. The car has been reportedly nixed before due to the numbers just not working out.

With Porsche becoming part of the vast Volkswagen Group empire though, the dynamics might have changed. The proposed mid-engined small Porsche could share a platform with Audi and Volkswagen (Blue Sport Concept) variants.

For us, the question is when does the Porsche model become too similar to the other platform derivatives? It would make sense to have one model at the high-end, the Porsche (or the Audi if need be) and then the VW Blue Sport at the low end. Curiously though, CAR reports that the Audi model would have the top billing, with all-wheel drive and a five-cylinder engine making 340 horsepower. That doesn’t make much sense at all.

Recent history shows that Audi has a lot of sway though; it pretty much gets to do what it wants even if that means stepping on another brand’s toes. One way to differentiate would be different variants, like a speedster, coupe, and shooting brake. CAR reports those are all under consideration, and that the Porsche 550 (we’re pretty sure that name won’t be making it to production) would be powered by a new 1.9-litre flat four-cylinder that Porsche is developing. The engine would make around 210 horsepower, well enough power for the lightweight 550. If approved, the 550 would be a modern-day 914….one likely to be a lot cooler than the original.

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