Frankfurt Preview: Jaguar Releases Sketch of C-X16 Concept

Some rumors date years back, so much so that we’re used to hearing them all the time. Things like this are the imminent return of Alfa Romeo to the United States market, and to a lesser degree, the Toyobaru sports car (which is officially on its way).

A new Jaguar sports car ranks right along with that. Most of the rumors have focused on a lower-cost Porsche Boxster competitor, but also a new flagship sports car. They have proved to be true, with a new super car coming in the form of the C–X75.

Now comes a sketch of the next sports car, called C-X16 Concept. These performance projects are reportedly being undertaken with a strong backing from Ratan Tata, the owner of the Tata Group.

While at first glance it might seem like a successor to the XK, that isn’t the case. The C-X16 previews a new, lower cost model that will slot in below the XK. Jaguar styling of late has been gorgeous, and look for the C-X16 to continue that. We’re big fans of the existing XK, but from the sketch the C-X16 appears to be even more engaging and dynamic.

It is said to use themes from the C-X75, such as upright headlights and intakes and a four-sided grille. The new car is expected to be a two-seater, powered by a six-cylinder engine at launch. It would be based on the next-generation XK platform, with the same width but a shortened length.

That and six-cylinder power would differentiate it from the XK. The C-X16 is expected to have much more of a hard edged performance focus than the XK. For now, Jaguar is calling it a concept, but it is likely a very thinly veiled one that will preview a production car coming next year. The C-X16 is scheduled to debut on September 13th at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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