Next-Generation Porsche Panamera Platform Could Underpin New 928

Porsche’s lineup and technology has changed a lot over the years. One thing that has remained remarkably the same however is the Porsche 911.

With every passing generation it gets more powerful, with more technology and features than ever before, but it still has retained its iconic styling and rear-engined platform. The 911 is a revered model by enthusiasts and those disinterested in cars (could there really be such a thing?!) alike. But it wasn’t always this way – there was one point where Porsche expected the 911 would die out.

Its replacement? The 928 GT, which launched in 1978. The 928 GT was the top-end model in the Porsche lineup when it debuted, entering a territory Porsche never played in before.

While it proved to have much longevity (which is a good thing, given its high development budget), being in production from 1978 to 1995, it never replaced the 911. Now, it could be returning yet again – but this time there isn’t any delusions of the 911 going away.

Autocar says a new 928 GT is on the table, for an introduction around the same time as the second-generation of the Panamera. That would peg the timeframe at around 2014 or 2015. One apparent issue with its introduction is production capacity at Porsche’s Leizpig plant, which produces the Panamera. The Panamera has been a successful seller, and the plant is already scheduled for a second vehicle line, the upcoming Cajun small SUV.

The next-generation Panamera platform has the potential to be shared with other brands in the VW Group, like Bentley and Bugatti. That will reduce costs and increase economies of scale. A new 928 GT seems like the best new product line we’ve heard being discussed from Porsche in a long time.

It makes sense – the GT market has grown significantly and is a ripe segment for Porsche to compete in. If Porsche is looking to expand in sales (which it clearly is) this sure seems like a good way to do it.

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