Audi Releases R8 GT Spyder

Since the R8’s debut, Audi has been slowly been pushing the car further upmarket with new performance models. Much like the rest of the brand, we are stoked that the company is paying attention to enthusiasts in a big way.

Unfortunately for us, with the R8 GT you’d have to be a pretty well-heeled enthusiast. In April, Audi released some images of its upcoming A1 as well as renderings of an R8 GT convertible model. Now the car is official, announced for sale in Germany (pricing and announcement for North America is coming later).

The R8 GT follows on the heels of the coupe model, which is priced at $196,800 (not including a $1,250 destination and dealer charge). That puts it at about $34,000 above the previous range-topper the R8 5.2 Spyder.

The R8 GT Spyder looks to top the R8 GT’s Coupe price record for Audi as Spyder models always command higher asking prices.

Like it’s coupe brother, the R8 GT Spyder gets a bump of 35 horsepower over the 5.2, good for a total of 560. Combined with a reduction in weight of 187 pounds, 0-62 arrives in just 3.8 seconds, along with a top speed of 197 mph. Both numbers are down slightly from the coupe’s 3.5 second 0-62 run and 199 mph top speed. Pricing information should be forthcoming and the R8 GT Spyder will most likely be limited to the same 333 unit global run as the coupe model.

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