Korean Design Showcased on Chevy Mi-ray Concept

Through the first months of 2011, Chevrolet provided North American auto show attendees a look at the soon-to-be-present unveiling Camaro convertible and the ZL1. Expanding on the revisited traditions making the General Motors division most adored during its heyday, sales figures relating to their vehicles illustrates Chevrolet has once again recaptured former glory. However, as Chevrolet becomes a new global brand, the ideals found on American roads, the daring voyage into the deeps of international tastes provoked the bowtie’s presence on a creature of more futuristic fashion. Debuting at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, the Chevrolet Mi-Ray roadster concept is a vociferous figure certifying global interest through design and ingenuity.

Mi-ray (the Korean world for future) is the brainchild of the General Motors Advanced Design Studio in Seoul. Existing on a tighter wheelbase than the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic at 93.51 inches, the Mi-ray roadster concept exterior structure sings like an orchestra. Formed by a combination of carbon fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, the complex yet harmonious presentation of the Mi-ray roadster concept is distinguished by youthful emotions. The design projects the desire to explore new horizons with eagerness. Speaking boldly to its aggressive intent, the LED headlamps are recessed under brow of bodywork. While the Chevrolet grille section rings some sense of familiarity, the Mi-ray roadster concept expressive shape draws special attention to the flared front fenders and sharp air dam and spoiler. Flattering this bold carbon fiber outer sculpture, ambient lighting from runs along each side of the concept car.

As carbon fiber construction surrounding an aluminum chassis, the Chevrolet Mi-Ray roadster concept experimental use of extensive composite materials continues to the wheels. Marrying aluminum with carbon fiber, 20-inch forward and 21-inch rear wheels are styled in a dynamic configuration.

Swinging open the Chevrolet Mi-ray concept scissor doors, the two-seat cockpit is as much worn as Wrapping around the driver and passenger like a Formula 1 car, the dash as well as door sills share an undefeated, super smooth contour created out of carbon fiber. Real leather, white fabric and aluminum surfaces top off this unmistakeably performance-oriented interior. Rear-view camera pods and GPS-based navigation assists the already nimble Mi-ray in negotiating busy streets. Stripes of illumination warm up the Mi-ray’s cabin complimenting the artful sweeps of the interior with the same splendid effect.

Promoting new reaches in automobile style, the Chevrolet Mi-ray roadster concept is also the bowtie brand’s study into the emerging trend of sport hybrids cars. Located snugly within the small roadster, the electrical power hardware matched consists of two  front-mounted, 15-kilowatt motors along with a lithium-ion battery featuring a 1.6-kilowatt hour capacity. Targeted for zero emission driving short term in urban environments, electric power can be fed through either front or rear wheels.

When electric power is exhausted, the trustworthiness of gasoline comes in handy for longer-lasting performance. Mid-mounted behind the passengers, the Chevrolet Mi-ray roadster concept would be spurred along by a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine. A dual-clutch transmission on the Mi-ray roadster concept insures seamless and well-proportioned shifts through the power band using either electric or gasoline. No overall horsepower figures are mentioned for the Mi-ray concept but Chevrolet has shared some brilliant fuel efficiency. 60 miles per gallon city and 63 miles per gallon highway is predicted for the two-seat roadster concept.

On display in Seoul, Chevrolet Mi-Ray roadster concept draws more attention to the evermore-important auto market. GM’s Advanced Design Studio in South Korea is displaying newfound inspiration for the centennial year of the Chevrolet brand.

Information and photo source: General Motors

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